Celebrating Mom

Moms tackle an astounding amount of mental, emotional and physical work every single day. It’s an incredible feat and as a result, most Moms are overworked, overstimulated, overtired – over-EV-REE-THING! So what would every Mom appreciate – or more importantly – what does she deserve? Without reservation or hesitation, almost unanimously, the answer will be a variation of wanting more: time, sleep or help.

These three critical requests (dare we say needs) come in various forms and will help Moms (or partners) feel happier, experience more fulfillment, be healthier and significantly improve their quality of life (yes, truly). Keep reading for some fabulous ideas on how you can give your Mom a much needed (and appreciated) hand!

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8, 2022so get cracking, you only have a few days to show Mom how important she is to you!

PS. Don’t forget Grandma – she’s a Mom too! And, she carried you in her body when your Mom was still a fetus – so she definitely deserves some love! xxx

What a Mom wants

Besides the Christina Aguilera song we just put in your head (sorry), Moms are deserving of SO much and it can be really challenging to narrow down what she'd like. With that in mind, we wanted to provide some suggestions on how to treat the Mom in your life right (and ideally give her some more time, sleep and help).

Oh, and we hope we don't need to say this but we're not recommending these as a one-time (insert special event here) thing! Although once would definitely be appreciated, truly step-up and help by incorporating some of these small changes into your routine and permanently take them off Mom’s plate! Just watch the positive impact a little extra anything has on that wonder woman!

More Time

Examples of desiring time could be more:

  • Alone or personal time
  • Time out of the house with no errands
  • Date nights with her partner
  • Uninterrupted time to do what she loves (eg. sports, crafting, painting, etc.) 
  • Girl’s Night with her friends
  • Quality time with (or without) the kids
  • Dedicated time for her to watch her shows without interruption or criticism
  • Time to get ready alone (showers, makeup, etc.) so she feels great and is ready to tackle the world.
  • Fun events without having to do anything for it (eg. Games night)

Consistently creating free time each week – ideally a block of several hours – for her to do whatever she wants will be a huge gift. This dedicated 'HER TIME' will be something she looks forward to every week and it'll make her very happy. 

More Sleep

Ways to provide more sleep could be:

  • Letting her sleep-in on weekends
  • Sharing in night-time feedings (or getting the baby and bringing it to Mom if they won't take a bottle)
  • Finishing last minute tasks (dishes, lunches, etc.) that allow her to go to bed early
  • Putting the kids to bed every second night
  • Alternating 'potty training' night duty
  • Taking the kids to daycare/school so she has a few extra zzz’s in the morning
  • Installing black-out blinds in the bedroom (they really help improve sleep)
  • Sleeping in a different room occasionally so she can sleep uninterrupted (no snoring, disruptions or stolen blankets).

Changes in routine that provide some additional 'time off' to get some much needed rest will help her recharge. Anything that reduces her workload will reduce stress and help her sleep better and longer. 

More Help

This is by far the easiest and most versatile request to fulfill. Here are few suggestions: 

  • Take the kids out for an afternoon every weekend
  • Hire a housecleaner (just do it, it is always money well spent)
  • Ensure the kids do their chores (eg. make sure dishes go in the dishwasher, not left on the counter – every time)
  • Manage your own to-do list without reminders 
  • Become the go-to person for certain issues that have been causing problems
  • Complete the big task she’s been asking about (house repair, garage clean up, etc).
  • Take over bedtime routines (it is the most exhausting part of any day)
  • Purchase a delivered weekly meal plan kit to help with dinnertime
  • Step up and get busy without being asked. It's your home, your family and your relationship too.

You know the situation best so be creative with how you provide 'more help'. Or heck, just ask what she'd appreciate and then do it without complaint! She will be thrilled and love you for it.

Now GO, give her MORE!

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