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Helpful Videos

  • Showing how to open a First Responder Emergency Card.

    Kid Katcher INSTALLATION Video

    Place your magnet on a clean vehicle, ensure the edges are smoothed down around the whole magnet and go!

  • Kid Katcher CLEANING Video

    Cleaning your magnet is so easy! Just run under water and wash the dirt away – easy peasy lemon squeezie! 🍋

  • FORGOT to remove the magnets

    Whoops! Our magnets are strong but not THAT strong! See what happens when magnets are left on during a carwash! 😂

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  • Cheeky Pebble decal installation video

    Decal INSTALLATION Video

    See how easy it is to install our vinyl decals! Take your time and go slow – you've got this!

  • Cheeky Pebble decal removal instructional video

    Decal REMOVAL Video

    Removing vinyl decals is a snap!
    Grab a safety blade, GooGone and some paper towel.

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  • How do you open these?

    Flip card to the back (hole facing left), and slide the middle piece to the left so the back piece comes out. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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