Absolutely – we encourage it! After all, you are part of our Cheeky Pebble family and we appreciate any and all feedback! Please email us at hello@cheekypebble.com with any comments, suggestions or ideas you'd like to share.  

What is the Happiness Pledge?

The Happiness Pledge is our commitment to you to provide excellent customer service and quality products! We want you to be happy and more than satisfied with our products and dealings with us. This includes: ease of ordering, timely responses to your emails, questions answered sufficiently, quality of our items, returning or replacing products, and all other aspects of our interactions! Visit our Happiness Pledge page for more details.

Where are you located? 

We are a Canadian company based out of Calgary, Alberta. 🇨🇦



What FORMATS do your gift cards come in?

Currently, we only sell digital gift cards.

HOW do I receive my purchased digital gift cards?

Our digital gift cards are delivered to the email address of the purchaser that was provided in the Contact Information at Check out.

Why didn't the GIFT CARD value go towards my cart total for the FREE SHIPPING CREDIT?

The recipient of the gift card (the person you are purchasing it for) will receive the value of the gift card in THEIR cart (which will accumulate towards a free shipping credit for THEM). The value of gift cards do not count towards the cart total for purchasers.

Additionally, our gift cards are digital and aren't physically being shipped so they don't count towards a free shipping credit for the purchaser.

Please see our Shipping Policies for further information.



What are your stickers MADE of?

Our durable stickers are printed on a premium, matte-finish vinyl with a protective laminate coating. This makes them resistant to tearing, scratching, sunlight, and rain. They are also fade resistant for 3 to 5 years!

Are your stickers WATERPROOF?

Yes! All our stickers are waterproof. All can be run through the dishwasher too!

Are your stickers WEATHER PROOF?

Yes! Almost our entire line of stickers are weather proof. There is only one exception – our holographic stickers. They can be used outside but their life expectancy just isn't quite as long. 

Are your stickers DISHWASHER-safe?

Yes, they are dishwasher safe.

What are HOLOGRAPHIC stickers?

Holographic stickers are like our regular stickers but have a beautiful iridescent, rainbow shimmer that changes with movement and light. They also have a beautiful gloss finish which helps enhance the shine!


Holographic stickers are designed for indoor use. If you choose to use them outside, please be aware they won't last nearly as long as our other stickers (which are weatherproof). Their outdoor durability is rated up to 6 months, but longevity could vary depending on the environment.

Are stickers/decals REPOSITIONABLE (can I move them around)?

No, our stickers and decals are one-time-use only. If you would like items that you can move regularly and reposition, check out our magnets!

How do I REMOVE my decal/sticker?

Simply peel up the edges of your decal or sticker and pull to remove. We find using something hard (like a credit card or razor/safety blade) to scrape with goes significantly faster but please be extra careful not to damage or scratch your surface! You can use your fingernails if you don't have a blade, but it does take a lot longer.

We have a removal video on our Extras Page, check it out.

Do decals or stickers leave a gummy or sticky RESIDUE?

No, they shouldn’t leave a residue however in the rare exception they do, use a product like GooGone to quickly remove any stickiness that remains.

Will stickers DAMAGE surfaces?

All our products are designed to be user-friendly and not damage the surfaces they are intended for. Unless permanent application is desired, we advise not using our stickers on paper products, delicate surfaces or painted walls as sticker removal could result in damage to those surfaces.

Sun damage and fading of vehicle paint can occur over an extended period of time so please be aware of this if you intend to apply your stickers to a vehicle’s painted surface rather than a window.



Are your magnets EASY TO APPLY?

Yes, the are very easy to use and install! Simply place the edge of your magnet on a clean magnetic surface and gently smooth it across the surface from one end to the other ensuring all the edges are laying flat and there are no air pockets.

Can I put your magnet ON MY LAPTOP?

No, our magnets will not adhere to laptops. Additionally, we advise against putting magnets on or near any electronic devices.

Are your magnets WEATHERPROOF?

Yes! They are durable and will hold up in all sorts of weather conditions.

Can your magnets GO ON CARS?

Yes, they are designed for vehicles! Having said that, it does depend on the surface of the car as they will only stick to magnetic, metal surfaces (iron, steel, nickel, etc.) Our magnet won't stick to fiberglass, carbon fiber or plastic.

Should I TAKE the MAGNET OFF after every use?

Nope! Our magnets have been thoroughly tested (+4 years!) and are designed to stay on your vehicle through all kinds of weather and speed! Please ensure your magnet is applied correctly and cleaned regularly to avoid any issues.

Do I have to take the magnet off for a CAR WASH?

Yes! Always remove magnets before washing your vehicle. Many high-powered sprays and brushes are strong enough to pull your magnet off and you could lose it. Check out this fun car-washing video where we left our magnets on!

How do I CLEAN my magnet?

Wash magnet with water or a mild detergent and wipe with a soft cloth or allow to air-dry. Avoid scrubbing or using harsh chemicals as they could damage the magnet's surface.

How do I MAINTAIN my magnet?

To prevent dirt buildup between the magnet and the metal surface (especially on vehicles), remove the magnet, and clean it and the metal surface regularly. Allow 2 days for wax/polish to cure before applying magnets (back) to vehicle.

How THICK are your magnets?

Our magnets are made from a thin yet flexible magnetic material and measure around 1 millimeter thick (or 19 mils/482 microns to be exact)

How STRONG are your magnets?

Our magnets have 84 lbs pull per sq ft. They will adhere to vehicles at high speeds and can also hold a few pieces of paper to a magnetic surface (e.g. like your filing cabinet).

My magnet is NOT STICKING all the way down?

If your magnet is curling or not completely adhering to the surface, simply place it under a heavy, flat weight (e.g. like a stack of books) for a day or two to flatten it out. Once it has relaxed and flattened, reapply to the desired, clean magnetic surface.



Consider passing your magnet on to another family who could use it! The best part of our magnets are that they're durable and will last for years! So reuse, repurpose and regift them!

Currently, magnets are not commercially recyclable but be sure to check with your local recycling centre for possible alternatives.

Stickers are one-time-use item and can not be recycled at this time. Please dispose of them properly in accordance with your community standards.



Was there something we didn't cover and you'd like to know?

Send us an email us at hello@cheekypebble.com with any questions and we'll be sure to get back to you.