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Extremely impressed

The First Responders' Emergency Tag is visually appealing, compact, and provides essential information such as emergency contacts. The card is durable, waterproof, and provides peace of mind to parents. I highly recommend it for every child's safety.

Thank you for the positive feedback! We hope you never need the Emergency Card but glad we can provide it and add some extra comfort for you and your family.

Wonderful gift

I was thrilled when I received the Child ID Emergency Kit as a gift! The moment my children laid eyes on the vibrant and eye-catching envelopes, their excitement was contagious. They were eager to sit down together to fill out the information, and I must say, the kit is truly a masterpiece in terms of its impeccable craftsmanship. It not only provides a sense of security but also contains all the essential safety information one could possibly need.

Appreciate your glowing review, Kas, thanks so much! We're happy to hear your children were excited to fill it out with you - hopefully that provided a great teaching opportunity about safety with them.

The "Peace Love Kindness Holographic" sticker is amazing!

The holographic effect is eye-catching and the design is meaningful. The adhesive is strong and the colors are vibrant. It's a great way to spread positive vibes and start conversations. Highly recommended!

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! We're thrilled you like it and are sharing good vibes!

Well Made Sticker!

This is a very well made, extra sticky sticker. Sounds weird but it's quite sturdy and satisfying to attach to something. Also, it's cute!

Hee hee, we agree! Sticking things is always fun! And because they are so durable and thick, they will last for years. Thanks for your review!

Quality Product with a Great Purpose!

I really like this tag. It is very well made and seems like it will last forever. I have it in bright yellow, which makes me think that it will be easy to spot in case of an emergency (it's attached to my son's car seat). The information card included has a great deal of information on it without making me feel like it could be misused if found. I will say that I spent far too long (embarrassingly so) trying to open it to get to the card... Though it seems super obvious in retrospect, I worry that a first responder might not spend the time if they can't figure it out right away. I recommended that there is some sort of quick instruction on the front of the information card, so no one has to guess. I'd also like to be able to print new cards because it should be updated regularly.

Thank you for writing a review on this product, we appreciate you taking the time.
These are great suggestions! We will definitely add some information about how to open the Cardholder and we will be offering replacement cards for purchase online soon. Best wishes to you and your little one!

I love this magnet and so does my daughter. Its the perfect thing to keep everyone engaged while waiting on others at the car. Myself and My husband included. My daughter is great at finding new things in the picture every time. And always a story goes with what she finds. I wish I had these for when my boys were younger.

Thank you for writing us a review, we appreciate it!
We're happy to hear the Kid Katcher is working well for your family - they really are fun for the kiddos. Best wishes to you and your daughter!

Great product!

This is a genius product. All of the Cheeky pebble products are. They are very thoughtfully made. She has thought of every detail to keep your child safe. We talked in depth at a market and the knowledge and passion she has about these products and safety is inspiring! Thank you for making such a great product for parents to insure their child’s safety and I will be sharing and gifting these all the time!

Wow Tori, thanks for such a fabulous review! It means a lot and is greatly appreciated! So happy we were able to connect at a market and chat – we get pretty excited about safety (as you discovered, haha)!
Glad you're enjoying the magnet, they really do work well! Best wishes to you and yours!

Amazing! Fun and safety combined!

Such a cool product! To know that the kids are hanging out safely touching my vehicle and super engaged in the search and find nature of this product is huge! The graphics are so engaging and it’s a relief to know they’re safe in busy parking lots!

Thanks for the great review! We're so glad your kids are enjoying the magnet and staying safe!

Great for teen driver

I bought two of these for the two teens in the house. They are durable and quite visible. Great idea for the learners in your household. Better than a piece of paper taped on the window! Delivery was very fast. Another good product from tHis seller.

Amazing Product

It gives a fun target for the wee one to connect with when unloading the car and keeps little fingers off the paint lol. Great product!


We filled ours out and are happy to have this amazing book in case of emergencies!

I love it!

Very good product! I bought this for my son and I feel more secure with it! The service is amazing!

Give Me Five Kid Katcher Magnet – Dinosaurs

I bought three Kid Katcher - Dinosaurs magnets for my g-babies. The magnets are are strong and brightly coloured, and full of the kind of details that kids love. Being a bit older, my g-babies immediately took them inside and put them on their refrigerator doors. Their mums told me that they work great there as well, keeping them entertained during meal prep. Customer service was awesome! I would highly recommend, and would buy them again.

Love for all key chain

This key chain is so cute and the message is so important, Love for Everyone!! I enjoy carrying it with me every day!

Great Quality sticker

Service is great! Even a personal thank you note in the package which is nice. The sticker itself is awesome quality. I have it just above my keypad lock and it’s very noticeable! You won’t be disappointed!

No Knocker

This is so much better than taping a note on the door. Much classier, and gets the message across clearly. A smart idea.

Kid Catcher.

Bought this as a gift for a relative who just had a baby. It is a great idea. They have a boy a little older also. It keeps both of them occupied looking at all the animals and colours. A great idea. Seems pretty durable. Would purchase it again.

Baby inside

I like the short message. Some other brand are too long. The graphics are durable. I bought this as a gift for a family with a new baby, they think it is great. I hope Cheeky Pebble expands to move more product. Would buy again!

Ready to hit the road

Confidence booster for our teen, and some peace of mind for us parents :) Love the bright colours and how we can easily swap it between our vehicles. Thanks for having our back Cheeky, much love!

Meaningful magnet!

Having this magnet in my classroom has made all of my students feel welcomed and safe! All of them know that they belong! So now, they can focus on learning! Thank you!

Perfect for my Grandbaby!

I love having the "Precious Cargo" decal on my van! It makes me feel safer knowing people are driving carefully when my grandson is inside. Plus it's super cute! Sorry for the dirty car!

My daughter loves it.

My daughter just got her learners permit and was intimidated to drive on the road. She practiced many times in empty parking lots. When I got her the “New Driver” magnet it gave her the confidence to try the road. She liked that other drivers would know she’s learning and would hopefully be more understanding. It definitely worked. No tailgating and it’s stylish so she’s proud to display it. I’m happy it’s an easy to remove magnet that can be transferred to any vehicle.

New driver vehicle magnet

Cheeky Pebble was great to deal with. Quick to communicate and ship our new vehicle magnet. It arrived and was exactly as pictured/ described. Stays on the vehicle well and I love the bright colours which stand out. Thanks very much!

Keeping the Peace :P

My kids were fighting over the sticker so I had to get another ;) Oh the irony “peace love kindness” :P

Love this one (I also have one on my travel mug), so my only suggestion is to get an extra few.

Really like this!!!

So my youngest son has ADHD and sometimes he gets an overwhelming amount of emotions and kind of starts to lose control a little bit. I utilized this as a distraction and he absolutely loves it! I think there is a lot of potential with something like this to help refocus him when he starts getting overstimulated, overwhelmed or distracted.
Super cool product!