For worst-case scenarios – like a missing child – we're helping parents be as prepared as possible

Don't waste a second of precious time, have your child's info ready!

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Child Identity Emergency Kit

Child Identity Emergency Kit

The first 24 hours after a child goes missing are critical. Allowing authorities to start immediately with detailed information about your child is extremely helpful and saves valuable time.

We wanted to help parents who might find themselves in this terrifying situation so we created the most comprehensive Child Identity kit available. It contains all information the authorities might need, and parents appreciate having contributed in a very significant way towards helping bring their child home.

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    Sizing / Info

    Plastic Envelope: 5.5 x 7.5 inches (14 x 19 cm)

    Booklet: 5 x 7 inches (12.7 x 17.8 cm)

    Please see "Additional Information: Child ID Kit" for further details.

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    At a glance

    What is a Child Identity Kit?

    A comprehensive 5 x 7 inch booklet detailing personal, physical and medical information about your child. It also includes a fingerprint section and envelopes for DNA samples.

    Why do I need a Child Identity Kit?

    The first 24 hours after a child has gone missing are critical and having your child's personal information already prepared for Law Enforcement is extremely helpful. You will be saving time that authorities need to start right away, not wasting it trying to remember details when you're under duress.

    What does a Child Identity Kit contain?

    • Complete personal and medical information
    • Finger print section (with ink strip)
    • Physical Description and Body Map
    • Dental Chart
    • DNA sample envelopes
    • Current photograph
    • Emergency contacts and physicians/specialists

    Where do I keep a Child Identity Kit?

    This kit is stored at home in an easily-accessible, memorable location. A place you would instinctively look in to find important information.

    Are Child Identity Kits for all kids?

    ABSOLUTELY! These kits are for ALL KIDS (and adults for that matter!) but are particularly beneficial for children who are unsupervised for part/s of the day and are at greater risk. For example, kids who:

    • Take city transit regularly
    • Go to and from school/activities by themselves
    • Travel between different homes
    • Truancy / Quitting school / Troubled
    • Juvenile delinquency / At risk
    • Living on the streets / Runaways

    Anything else I should know?

    ⚠️ Fill these cards out right away and update them regularly! ⚠️

    • These only benefit you if they're ready BEFORE an EMERGENCY
    • We recommend updating these EVERY SIX MONTHS to keep info accurate
    Upset mother holding her hands in front of her face looking off

    You won't remember

    Do the terms Fight or Flight, Lizard brain, or Gross motor function ring a bell? They all reference a human's inability to think and function well when under severe stress, like in an emergency. Scientific studies have consistently shown that high stress levels have detrimental effects on cognitive (brain) functions, particularly memory and decision-making.

    A child going missing is definitely a high-stress situation, not to mention extremely time-sensitive! Wasting time and energy trying to remember certain details, some of which could be crucial, is not helpful to anyone, particularly your child. Don't rely on your brain to perform under pressure, prepare in advance for emergencies.

    The first 24 hours after a child has gone missing are critical! It is extremely helpful for authorities to have your child's details already prepared

    Customer Reviews

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    Wonderful gift

    I was thrilled when I received the Child ID Emergency Kit as a gift! The moment my children laid eyes on the vibrant and eye-catching envelopes, their excitement was contagious. They were eager to sit down together to fill out the information, and I must say, the kit is truly a masterpiece in terms of its impeccable craftsmanship. It not only provides a sense of security but also contains all the essential safety information one could possibly need.

    Appreciate your glowing review, Kas, thanks so much! We're happy to hear your children were excited to fill it out with you - hopefully that provided a great teaching opportunity about safety with them.

    Alana Murphy

    We filled ours out and are happy to have this amazing book in case of emergencies!

    The best way to ensure your response is timely, beneficial and appropriate is to be prepared

    Include a First Resonder Emergency Card?

    Add another layer of safety to your children's daily routine with this medical card that travels with them in case of emergencies.

    Update these every six months while kids are actively growing to keep their information accurate