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Life can be unpredictable and scary situations often arise unexpectedly

Teaching awareness, implementing safety routines, and modelling appropriate behaviour are some of the most important life skills we can impart to our children to help them stay safe.

When they can't be with you, provide an additional layer of support (and comfort) with our comprehensive safety products.

Have you ever considered what would happen in these scenarios?

Picture of first responders at a very serious car accident emergency

You are in a serious car accident with your 6 month old and they need help but you are unconscious

Your child has an allergic reaction on a bike ride and they don't have a way to reach you

Picture of an empty playground focusing on a hopscotch game

Your absolute worst nightmare happens and your child goes missing from the playground

No one likes to contemplate these frightening scenarios but they can happen. Be prepared.

When there is no time to lose, get your kids the help they need FAST!

Both our Child Identity Kits and First Responder Emergency Cards store important, and often crucial, information that First Responders (Police, EMS and Fire) can access quickly when their assistance is required.

The best way to ensure your response in an emergency is timely, beneficial and appropriate is to be prepared

First responder Emergency Cards shown in Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink. Created and designed by Cheeky Pebble

Why a First Responder Card?

Made for at-the-scene access by First Responders, or other helpful adults, to critical information about your child if they need medical attention or are found alone.

Quick intervention can help reduce injury, impact and trauma

Enables responders to:
- use your child's name to quickly reduce anxiety
- provide accurate and timely treatment if necessary
- interact thoughtfully and appropriately (special needs)

This card travels with/on your child

Image showing all 5 colours of the plastic sleeve of the Child Identity Emergency Kit. They come in clear, blue, purple, orange and pink. Only by Cheeky Pebble.

Why a Child Identity Kit?

Designed for immediate sharing with Law Enforcement if your child ever goes missing.

The first 24 hours after a child has gone missing are critical

Enables Police to quickly:
- release a detailed description of your child
- enlist all possible sources of assistance including the media and public
- alert airports, bus depots, border crossings, etc.

This kit is stored at home in an memorable, easily accessible location

High stress can negatively impact cognitive functions like memory and decision-making

"Oh, I'll be able to remember..."

Sadly, this is an alarming and potentially dangerous conviction held by some parents. They believe they will be able to recall pertinent, and possibly critical details about their child if they ever went missing.

This assumption is so unrealistic and unlikely that it is almost impossible. Most of us can't remember our children's shoe size on a regular day, let alone when we're panicking with high emotions, extreme stress and fear during an emergency situation!

It's been scientifically proven that we don't respond well in emergencies so having this unrealistic expectation is harmful and potentially detrimental to your child. Please don't rely on your brain to remember crucial information when you need it the most – prepare in advance.

  • First Responder Emergency Card contains Pertinent medical information for First Responders including: Crucial details for life sustaining medical assistance, Special needs or disabilities, Allergies, medications, Emergency contacts and physicians/specialists. Created and designed by Cheeky Pebble

    What is a First Responder Card?

    Folded, business-card sized booklet kept inside a brightly coloured plastic case with flexible twist tie looped through

    • Hard case keeps private information safe and protected
    • Case is noticeable and easy to spot
    • Tie is versatile and can be attached to multiple places: carseat / diaper bag / back pack / purse / clothing
  • Child Identity kit showing pamphlet, ink strip, envelopes for DNA collection and plastic sleeve that contains everything. By Cheeky Pebble.

    What is a Child Identity Kit?

    Clear or coloured plastic sleeve with velcro-close containing:

    • 5 x 7 inch booklet detailing personal, physical and medical information about your child
    • Two small envelopes for DNA collection
    • Fingerprinting ink strip
  • Filled out First Responder Emergency Card that contains pertinent medical information for First Responders including: Crucial details for life sustaining medical assistance, Special needs or disabilities, Allergies, medications, Emergency contacts and physicians/specialists. Created and designed by Cheeky Pebble

    First Responder Emergency Card contains:

    Pertinent medical information for First Responders:

    • Crucial details for life sustaining medical assistance
    • Special needs or disabilities
    • Allergies, medications
    • Emergency contacts and physicians/specialists
    • Contains no personal information that can be misused
  • Child Identity kit with booklet open showing the sections to be filled out by parents (Name, medical concerns, physical descriptions, etc.). Also shows small envelopes for DNA collection and plastic sleeve to contain everything.

    Child Identity Kit contains:

    Detailed documentation for Law Enforcement:

    • Complete personal and medical information
    • Finger print section (with ink strips)
    • Physical Details and Body Map
    • Dental Chart
    • DNA sample envelopes
    • Current photograph
    • Emergency contacts and physicians/specialists
  • First Responder Cards are helpful for ALL KIDS but particularly those who might have additional medical requirements:

    - Severe Allergies and Sensitivities
    - Autism ASD / ADHD / OCD / DMDD
    - Sensory Processing Issues / Impulse Control
    - Hearing / Vision / Mobility Concerns
    - Diabetes / Epilepsy / Autoimmune disorders
    - Kids who are prone to running away and not staying nearby

  • Child Identity Kits are beneficial for EVERY CHILD but particularly those who are unsupervised for parts of the day and are at greater risk:

    - Take city transit regularly

    - Go to and from school/activities by themselves

    - Travel between different homes

    - Truancy / Quitting school / Troubled

    - Juvenile delinquency / At risk

    - Living on the streets / Runaway

  • Need Additional Information?

    First Responder Cards 
  • Need Additional Information?

    Child Identity Kit 

Fill cards out right away + update regularly!

⚡️These only benefit you if they're ready BEFORE an EMERGENCY

⚡️Children grow fast so we recommend updating these EVERY SIX MONTHS to keep info accurate

Being prepared won’t make the situation any less stressful but you will have contributed in a positive way, and that is key

Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst

Let us help you and your children be ready for the unexpected