Our Baby Inside decal sets aren't just cute stickers, they're vehicle alerts created with purpose!

Designed for safety first

Our priority is to increase safety for your precious cargo by maximizing awareness from other motorists

Unfortunately, most baby on board signs don't work, creating a false sense of security for parents

Effectively designed alerts

Twenty-five years of professional graphic design experience went into developing our safety decals. Using critical design principles, we ensure all Cheeky Pebble decals are visible, legible and immediately understood by the largest possible audience.

This means MORE people will actually SEE, UNDERSTAND and RESPOND to Cheeky Pebble decals (unlike most other baby signs and stickers that aren't clear, legible, visible from a distance, or can't even be seen because they are stuck behind tinted glass).

Our key design features:

✅ Bright, vibrant white that stands out (on tinted windows too!)

✅ Large size that is visible and legible from a distance

✅ Clear, easy-to-read font (no scripty fonts here!)

✅ Simple English phrase for all levels of comprehension

✅ Globally understood baby imagery (it's a baby, without doubt)

✅ No unique or trendy references (that only a few understand)

Every component of a safety decal (image, font, size, etc.) should be reinforcing the same message. This way, if someone doesn't understand one part, the other pieces should still be clear. Relying on a single element for such an important message (which many others do), could cause your message to be lost.

Fast moving vehicle passing to the left - image is blurry.

What you won't see:

❌ Window blackout! Signs or stickers that are almost impossible to see because they are behind tinted windows!

❌ Back off tailgaters! Stickers so small you need to be right up on someone's bumper to read them!

❌ Fancy scripty text. Many people can't read cursive hand writing, let alone when it's (usually) small and you're in a fast-moving vehicle!

❌ Unique / unusual imagery. If only a few recognize your graphic, it's not helping much! Our graphic is a baby, no matter what you're used to seeing!

❌ Trendy reference! Again, if only a few people understand it, it's not doing much to help – you want as many people as possible to understand!

❌ Slang or complicated language. Not everyone speaks English so using anything other than simple English phrases will probably negate your decal.

Many critical elements contribute to a well-designed alert and they should all work together to communicate the same message.

TRIPLE visibility to ensure everyone knows a baby is inside with THREE alerts on your car

Every Cheeky Pebble 'Baby Inside' decal set includes THREE pieces:
ONE large back window decal + TWO side stickers

Accidents don’t just happen from behind, they come from the sides too. A single sticker on the back window just isn't enough.

Why you need our baby decals


  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: they work!
  • Includes 3 pieces for maximum visibility
  • Visible on all windows – tinted or not
  • Helpful for First Responders to look for a child if vehicle is in an accident
  • Not just cute but effective too!
Sweet little baby girl


  • Application is quick and easy
  • Straight-forward, easy to understand instructions included
  • Installation videos available on our Extras Page
Sweet little baby with dark hair


  • Our decals are extremely durable and will last for years
  • Are scratch, fade and tear resistant
  • Can withstand weather, car washing and high speeds
  • Care recommendations included
Sweet little baby with dark super curly hair


We want every parent and caregiver out there to be reassured you are doing your best (because you are!)! We want to spread peace, love and kindness and hopefully make your lives a just little bit easier.🧡

Don't want a sticker on your car? Try our baby magnet instead!

Your family and children deserve well-designed vehicle alerts. Don't accept hard-to-read, ineffective stickers (even if they're cute)

Superior effectiveness and visibility from three sides of your vehicle

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Let us help you increase safety for your children by maximizing awareness from other motorists