Tiny Toes Decal Set for vehicles

Whether Momma is still pregnant or baby is already here, these little feet remind drivers to drive carefully!

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This decal set simply and elegantly communicates that there are tiny toes inside! 

Twenty-five years of professional graphic design experience went into developing our safety decals. This means our decals are designed properly to be VISIBLE and LEGIBLE on fast moving vehicles. We also use a strong graphic (our cheeky pebble face) that everyone recognizes as a baby.

These aren't just cute stickers, they are effective, safety alerts that work.

Each decal set comes with three stickers: ONE large decal for the back window and TWO round stickers for each side. 

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Sizing / Info

Large back decal is 4 x 6 inches (10.15 cm x 15.24 cm)

Side stickers are 4 inches (15.24 cm) in diameter

These decals are ideal for dark, tinted windows and will last through years of weather and washings!

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Your children deserve properly designed alerts. Don't settle for ineffective, hard-to-read stickers (even if they're cute)!

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Unfortunately, most baby on board signs don't really work, creating a false sense of security for parents

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