About Cheeky Pebble

How Cheeky Pebble came to be

When I was pregnant, I wanted EVERYONE to know that the most precious being in the world was in my vehicle and that they needed to drive extra careful! Plus, I was pregnant – ha! I'm kidding (my son is and always will be my most precious gift).

I wanted something fun and unique, of course, but also very (VERY) effective. So began the hunt for a baby safety vehicle decal. Surprisingly, I quickly discovered that there weren't a lot of options out there! Additionally, what was out there didn’t appeal (or do the job as I felt it should). As a graphic designer, I knew the key elements necessary to be an effective alert decal and those available to parents just weren’t up to par. I was surprised at the gap in the market and felt a responsibility to put an effective product out there. There are so many things on your mind when a baby is on the way and worrying if your car decal is going to help shouldn’t be one of them.

So, in need of a decal myself (and asap!), I quickly created my own super cute baby graphic and chose the words ‘Baby Inside’ to go around it (who says 'on board' anyway?). And voila, Cheeky Pebble was born!

I have since added several more products, most with a strong emphasis on child safety and/or inclusivity. New cheeky creations are on the way and I can't wait to show them to you – stay tuned! 

Spread peace, love and kindness,