Our Happiness Pledge to You

Our Happiness Pledge icon bar illustrating our directives: Created for safety, Design expertise, Easy to apply, weatherproof, Satisfaction, made with love and fast delivery!

Regardless what you're purchasing, you can be assured that you are getting well designed, durable, high-quality products with our Happiness Pledge to back them up! 



No matter the age, cultural background or spoken languages of others, our products are designed to increase driver awareness and safety. That's the point of using safety decals in the first place, isn't it? Using an unusual reference that no one but a select few can understand or a font no one can read defeats the purpose of having a safety alert. Accidents happen lightening-fast so understanding what's around you instantly and without thought is a must. Our products were created with purpose: to communicate QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY with other drivers! 



Cheeky Pebble products don't just look good, they are well-thought-out and properly designed to have maximum impact too! This is crucial for any design but especially for safety items on a fast-moving vehicle! Utilizing 25 years of graphic design experience and implementing critical design principles, our products are very effective—which helps you and your precious cargo stay safe.

Key design features of our safety items:

  • Bright, vibrant colours that stand out on vehicles
  • Large sizes that are visible and legible from a distance
  • Clear, easy-to-read fonts (no scripty fonts here!)
  • Simple English phrases for all levels of comprehension
  • Globally understandable imagery (where applicable)
  • No unique or trendy references (that only a few understand)  



Our products come with straight-forward, easy to understand instructions making application quick and easy. In addition, recommendations for care and suggestions for use are included with every product.



Cheeky Pebble items are extremely durable, high-quality and can last through years of use and abuse! All are designed (unless otherwise specified) to withstand weather, washings, scratching, fading, tearing and high speeds, fhew! For information about each item, please see the individual product page. 



Cheeky Pebble wants you to be happy and we are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. We mean it.

Please contact Customer Service or email us at hello@cheekypebble.com if you have any questions or concerns. We're here to help and would appreciate the opportunity to resolve any issues you may have. 



We want every parent and caregiver out there to be reassured they are doing their absolute best (because you are!)! We want to share peace, love and kindness with the world and ideally make your lives a bit easier. Hopefully you can feel this passion and love within our products! ❤️



We all know how fabulous it feels to get things quickly, zing! Cheeky Pebble is committed to getting your order assembled and sent out promptly so you can start enjoying your products as soon as possible! Our standard delivery method is via regular mail but there are express options if you need some super speed. 


We are a Canadian company based out of Calgary, Alberta. 🇨🇦