Collection: Our Safety Collection 🚧

Everything safety-related in one spot – this is where we started after all!

We've used our expertise to create unique safety products that are aesthetically pleasing, effective and understood across all age groups, cultural backgrounds and spoken languages.

Nothing is more important than keeping our loved ones safe or being there to help and support when they need us

  • Babies (0-24 months)

    • Baby Inside Safety decals
    • First Responder Cards
    • Child Identity Kit
    • No Knocking Door sticker
    • Don't Park Too Close magnet
  • Toddlers (2-6 years)

    • Kid Katcher Vehicle Magnets
    • Don't Park Too Close magnet
    • First Responder Cards
    • Child Identity Kit
    • Baby Inside Safety decals
    • No Knocking Door sticker
  • Teens (13 - 19 years)

    • New Driver Magnets
    • First Responder Cards
    • Child Identity Kit
    • Love for All Keychain
    • Peace Love Kindness
    • Stay Cheeky Stickers

Baby Inside Vehicle Decals ↠ Babies / Toddlers

Each set includes 3 stickers that effectively communicate to drivers all around your vehicle that a baby is inside.

TRIPLE your visibility with expertly designed baby safety alerts for THREE sides of your vehicle: 2 SIDE stickers + 1 BACK large decal

Child Identity Emergency Kit ↠ All ages

Detailed physical and medical information about your child for immediate delivery to Law Enforcement if your child ever goes missing

Kid Katcher Vehicle Magnets ↠ Toddlers

Simple yet effective search and find magnets that keep your child safely beside your vehicle

Kid Katchers are the perfect solution to help prevent and avoid those terrifying and dangerous parking lot incidents

New Driver Magnets ↠ Teens + Adults

Help reduce impatient and rude drivers being aggressive with your new learner

First Responder Emergency Medical Card ↠ All ages

Immediate at-the-scene access to critical information First Responders need to help your loved one effectively

First Responder Cards are extremely beneficial for those who have extra or concerning medical issues: Severe Allergies / Sensory Issues / Autism / Autoimmune diseases / Vision or Hearing Loss / Diabetes / Epilepsy / etc.

Vehicle Magnets ↠ Babies / Toddlers

Helpful magnets to alert other drivers that you need some extra space and attention

Home Safety Collection ↠ All ages

Keep your home quiet and calm from unwanted visitors and mad dashes from the dog escaping!

Didn't find a safety item you were hoping for? Let us know what you need so we can help – it might be our next big item! 🩷