Don't Park Too Close Magnets

Politely but firmly ask drivers to leave a little extra space so you can move around your vehicle as easily as possible.

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Ideal for anyone struggling with large loads in and out of their vehicle.

Or maybe you don't want anyone even looking at your sweet new ride? Yeah, we got you!

We offer two magnet designs: a Generic version for every day use, and a Child Specific version for parents dealing with carseats and securing young children.

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Sizing / Info

Don't Park Magnet is 3 x 3 inches (7.62 cm x 7.62 cm) square

These magnets can handle most weather conditions and high speeds but must be removed before washing.

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Increasing awareness and safety for mammas with growing bellies and newborns in their carseats!

Customer Reviews

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Mobility issues? Large work gear? Perfect if you need just a bit more space around your vehicle

Please Don’t Park Too Close Child Specific magnet with Baby Inside round magnet. Both by Cheeky Pebble on white vehicle.

Who deserves these?

→ Mobility Needs: Walkers or Wheelchairs
→ Athletes with sports gear
→ Caregivers / Cleaners / Caterers
→ Sales / Deliveries
→ Contractors / Technicians / Service people
→ Musicians / DJs / Entertainment
→ Parents lugging ginormous baby carseats
→ Pregnant Mommas with swollen bellies

DOUBLE DOWN! Use 1 on the rear bumper and 1 on the front passenger door to give drivers two chances to see your polite request

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