Repeatedly telling your children to stay beside the car while you get the school/beach/sports gear out?

Let us help you establish a FUN and ENTERTAINING safety routine with your toddler using our Kid Katcher magnets!

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Space 🛸 'Give Me Five' Kid Katcher Vehicle Magnet

Space 🛸 'Give Me Five' Kid Katcher Vehicle Magnet

Alien invasion at home? Our Space Kid Katcher© is an intergalactically fun search and find magnet that keeps mini astronauts entertained and stationary at your vehicle while you focus on the tasks at hand! This creative product can help establish a pleasant, entertaining and safe(!) routine with the kids around vehicles and parking lots.

Plus, each design comes with 10 questions and answers to help start the searching fun!

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Sizing / Info

Kid Katcher Magnet is 8 x 8 inches (20.32 cm x 20.32 cm) in diameter 

These magnets can handle most weather conditions and high speeds but must be removed from vehicles before washing.

Patent pending on ‘Give Me Five’ Kid Katchers by Cheeky Pebble Inc. 

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At a glance

What is a Kid Katcher?

Large 8 x 8 inch round, weatherproof magnet that attaches to the outside of your vehicle at toddler eye-level.

How do I use a Kid Katcher?

You create and play the 'Give Me Five' Safety game – which is basically asking them to put their hands on the magnet and search for new items every time.

Repetition is key so practice EVERY TIME you are at your vehicle with your child.

When do I use a Kid Katcher?

Be consistent and practice the safety routine with your children every time. Remember, repetition is essential for learning new habits and behaviours.

Where does a Kid Katcher go?

Kid Katchers are ideally placed in a Safe Zone or secure area around the outside your vehicle where children are not in the path of other vehicles.

How do they work?

 Kids stay stationary beside your vehicle where they are easily seen and heard

– Kids are not running around and getting hurt, they are safely out of harm's way

 Slows kids down and focuses their attention on a safe activity

– Kids are entertained and not impatiently interrupting you

✅  Gives you time to get organized and do what you need at your vehicle

– You are prepared with everything you need (no forgotten tickets or water bottles)

Anything else I should know?

⚠️ Magnets MUST be removed before washing your vehicle! ⚠️

They are durable and will last for years if properly maintained. They won't damage your car and yes they will stay on in high speeds.

Waiting is hard for kids so give them something fun to focus their energy on while you're occupied

Animal Kid Katcher in action!

"Teaching car safety has never been so enjoyable (or effective)!”

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Melissa S
Really like this!!!

So my youngest son has ADHD and sometimes he gets an overwhelming amount of emotions and kind of starts to lose control a little bit. I utilized this as a distraction and he absolutely loves it! I think there is a lot of potential with something like this to help refocus him when he starts getting overstimulated, overwhelmed or distracted.
Super cool product!

Kid Catcher.

Bought this as a gift for a relative who just had a baby. It is a great idea. They have a boy a little older also. It keeps both of them occupied looking at all the animals and colours. A great idea. Seems pretty durable. Would purchase it again.

Jill L
Keeps kids occupied!

I purchased the space kid katcher for my kindergarten classroom. My students noticed it right away. They love to spend time looking at it, talking about it and finding new things. As a bonus, it’s a great way to quickly assess their counting! I plan on using the jungle themed one next.

Kid Katchers are the ultimate solution for keeping young children safely beside your vehicle

Multiple designs mean kids will never get bored and with so many hidden items to search for, they will be occupied for hours!

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A consistent safety routine is critical in keeping children safe around vehicles and parking lots