Picture THIS sweet scenario...


Walking back to the car after a full day of fun with your 3 kids and they're wired and about to get hangry...


Parent: OK kids, give me five!!!
* kids scramble to get their hands on the 'Give Me Five' Kid Katcher magnet...


Parent: Alright, how many butterflies can you see?

* while putting Kid C in the carseat and enjoying some unexpected silence while the other 2 kids count quietly

Kid A: Nine! I see nine!

Kid B: I only found seven!


Parent: Good job, both of you! There are more than nine though and some are pretty tricky so keep looking!
* loading up the diaper bag and other necessities while kids go back to searching...


Kid B: Daddy! I found another one!

Kid A: Me too!


Parent: Wonderful, so how many is that now?
* grinning at the miracle of 3 SAFE kids, a loaded car and no one crying or hurt! Woot!

Doesn't that sound fabulous?

Yeah, we thought so too!