February is love month at Cheeky Pebble!

At Cheeky Pebble, we LOVE love! After all, it makes the world go around – it’s in the air, it keeps us alive and (apparently) it’s all you need! You can’t buy it but you can believe in it, talk about it, be ready for it, send it, receive it, have it on your mind and get addicted to it!

The real question is, how deep it is? How do you live without it? What’s it got to do with anything? And where exactly is it?!? Can you feel it? Have I told you lately about it? Did I make you feel it? (ewww!)

Check out some of the wild things we do for it too! Fall in it, get lost in it, get lost without it, be in it together, be all out of it, let it lead the way, stop in the name of it aaaand, anything but that! 😝

Despite all that effort, however, you don’t even know what kind you’re going to end up with! There are so many types of love: Higher, Crazy, Secret, Young, Special, Puppy, Real, Burning, Groovy, Sweet, Baby, Strange, Muskrat (seriously), and Endless. Fhew! I vote for real, thank you very much!

Not only do we have numerous kinds of love, we also have: the Power of Love, the Look of Love, the Chapel of Love, the Glory of Love, the Rhythm of Love and the Colour of Love! Confusingly though, sometimes love just ain’t enough (bye bye love!)!

So what have we learned? Love is confusing, that's what! 🤪 It's a rose, it grows, it takes time, it can hurt and die, but it will find a way. Ermmm, ok... Until it's figured out, we just have to let it flow and it will keep us together!

Speaking of together, love is for EVERYONE! We celebrate February, the month of love, because Valentine's Day isn't only for sweethearts but for ALL the special people in your life! That means your littles, your besties, your parents, your coworkers, your delivery person or your neighbour! So go spread some love, there is PLENTY to go around!

We hope you've enjoyed our shimmy into 'love' song titles in celebration of this squooshy month. We've also been sharing daily, heart-warming posts on our socials since February 1st so check us out and share a few ❤️❤️s. 

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Love, hugs and a fabulous love month,
Cheeky Pebble 💋

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Have I told you lately that I love you? 😘


I smiled the whole time reading this. What a wonderful heart warming post and a trip down memory lane with music. Loved the cleverness alongside a powerful message.


All you need is LOVE! ❤️😘🥰


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