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We love you Mom! It's time to celebrate the incredible woman who is the glue, duct tape, heat and home of your family.

Mom's are typically overloaded, overworked and chronically overtired. So how can we show our love and appreciation for what she contributes, every single day, for our families? How can we give back a fraction of what she does and truly spoil this amazing woman for Mother's Day? 

Unless your momma is one of the fortunate few who have limitless resources (time, money and energy), I can almost guarantee that she is desperately wanting and needing some TIME TO HERSELF! 

Managing and running a household is exhausting work and Mom needs time to unload from all the day's worries and concerns. Time to not think about anything or anyone, time to just sit in her body, however she chooses to (sweatpants, heated blanket and cup of tea, please), and be her unchecked self. Not Mom, not Wife, not Daughter, Friend or Coworker – just herself.

Below, we've cultivated some great ideas that will free up some time for her each day, and ensure everyone is contributing equally towards running the household. Let's get that fabulous woman feeling healthier, happier and experiencing more fulfilment. Free time is a gift that keeps giving – just like your Mom!


Recognition and Gratitude

The first step to showing your Mom how much you value her is to recognize all the contributions she's making, even if you don't see them happen. Most of the 'time-consuming, daily little things' don't even make it onto a list, and are virtually invisible, but they require constant effort and attention. No one likes feeling undervalued or unappreciated, so make sure you're aware and grateful for the effort. All the things that 'miraculously just get done' around the house take time so let her know you see it and appreciate it!


Did you know your Maternal Grandmother helped carry you in her body when your Mom was still a fetus? Yep, it's true. A female is born with all the eggs she will ever have in her lifetime. So when your Grandma was pregnant with your Mom, you were a tiny egg in your Mother's ovaries.


Schedule Shuffle

Take initiative and adjust your schedules or activities so she has some time each day, and week, to be alone, unwind and savour the silence. Some of these small things can make a world of difference! They can include:

  • Allow her time to have showers and get ready alone
  • Alternate putting the kids to bed so you each have a 'night off'
  • Dedicate time for her to read/watch TV without interruption or criticism
  • Alternate/share in meal preparation and cleanup
  • Create free time out of the house with no errands or tasks to do
  • Schedule uninterrupted time for her passions (e.g. painting, sports, etc.) 
  • Manage the kids' activities and transportation to and from

We're talking reserved, non-negotiable 'HER TIME' every week. Daily time is ideal but a block of several hours each week will be an incredible gift. It will be something she looks forward to every week, guaranteed. 

A few other ideas that are sure to bring joy to her life:

  • Organize a Girl’s Night Out with her friends (if she's up for it)
  • Schedule quality time with (or without) the kids
  • Take charge and make Date Nights happen (do the work and surprise her)
  • Send her away on a trip, either solo or with a friend or family member. Even to the local hotel for a night will be greatly appreciated!


Sleep loss affects women more than men and puts them at a higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, weight gain and depression. It causes medical conditions to progress more rapidly and can contribute to, or worsen, mental health issues, brain disorders and chronic diseases! Read more...


Facilitate More Sleep

Sleep is so crucial yet most mothers are chronically fatigued and sleep deprived. Lack of sleep impacts every aspect of our lives, including longevity, so it's essential she gets enough sleep to stay healthy! Ways to help ensure she's getting enough zzz's could be:

  • Regularly finish the evening chores (dishes, lunches, etc.) so she can go to bed early
  • Manage the kids on weekend mornings so she can sleep-in
  • Share in night-time feedings (or bring baby to her if they don't bottle feed)
  • Alternate Night duty (e.g. potty training, nighttime wake ups, sleep training, letting the dog out for a pee, etc.)
  • Be the 'Go-to parent' regularly so kids rely on both of you, not just Mom
  • Get the kids up, ready and to daycare/school in the mornings
  • Install black-out blinds in the bedroom (they really help improve sleep)
  • Invest in good earplugs for her so she can sleep uninterrupted
  • Let her sleep alone occasionally so she isn't disrupted by snoring, movement or stolen blankets.

Changes that provide much-needed 'time off' for her to rest will help her recharge, and ultimately benefit you all. Anything to make life a little more manageable and reduce the never-ending physical and mental load will decrease stress and help her sleep better and longer.


Asking what needs to be done, or waiting to be told what to do is not being a partner, it's being a dependent.


Be a Partner, not a Dependant

Partnership means you each have equal responsibilities and investment in whatever you've all decided to do together. When it comes to families and relationships, it means you're equally invested in running the house, raising the kids, paying the bills, buying groceries, cooking and cleaning, supporting each others' interests, and being there for each other. There are no tasks that are strictly for women, nor that are strictly for men, so make sure you are being equitable and taking initiative in sharing, managing and completing responsibilities.  You aren't there to 'help', you are there as an equal, invested in getting things done. Asking what needs to be done or waiting to be told is not being a partner, it's being a dependent.

Here are few suggestions to ensure you're sharing in the mental load and you're taking equal ownership and responsibility for your home and family. Incorporate some of these into your routine and take them permanently off her plate!  
  • Take the kids out for an afternoon every weekend
  • Organize the sleepovers or playdates for your children
  • Take care of the pets (walk them and clean up the backyard after them)
  • Take over bedtime routines (it is the most exhausting part of any day)
  • Hire a housecleaner (just do it, it is always money well spent)
  • Be the 'Bad Cop' parent and ensure the kids do their chores (e.g. homework, music practice, dishes go in the dishwasher and not left on the counter, etc.)
  • Create and manage your own to-do list (no asking, no reminders). Just step up and get busy without being asked
  • Be the go-to person for family dynamic issues or regular problems
  • Complete the big task that's been sitting undone forever (house repair, garage clean up, etc).
  • Purchase weekly meal plan kits to help with dinnertime
  • Plan the family vacation or holiday get-togethers


Everyone is short on time and money so helping each other is the only way we all survive

Having a happy, healthy homelife benefits everyone, and being an active participant and partner in running the household will illustrate how much you value everything you've built together. In addition to a beautiful hand-made or well-thought out gift (yes, a physical gift is required too), tell that incredible woman that you love her and show her some massive love!

PS. Don’t forget Grandma – she’s a Mom too! AND she gave you your Momma so she definitely deserves some love!

PSS. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12th.

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