Why 'Keep Door Closed' Pet Stickers?


Why do visitors always stand on the front porch with the screen door half open? Why do guests always leave your patio door open when they go back in for another drink?

Yeah, we don't know why either but it seems to be a very common occurrence – especially if your pets do the 1000 mile dash at every opportunity! 


Cheeky Pebble's Grandma (who's dogs roam freely in and out her back door), kept leaving the patio screen door open. Within seconds, zip!, the cats were out and off on an adventure. She wasn't doing it purposefully and she felt horrible about it but closing the screen door just wasn't something she was used to worrying about. Something clearly had to be done before a pet was lost or hurt (I can't even!). Enter the 'Keep Door Closed' stickers on each exit door, right beside the handle in plain sight. Since then, I'm happy to report we haven't had any further 'escapes' and my pets remain safe and secure inside, fhew!


Suggested locations:

  • Front and back doors
  • Patio or balcony doors
  • Trailer and RVs
  • Garage and shed doors
  • Basement and walk-outs
  • Cabins, chalets and cottages


Use these handy stickers anywhere your pets are and enjoy some peace of mind when guests are over. Our stickers are printed on a premium, matte-finish vinyl with a permanent adhesive. A protective laminate coating makes them resistant to fading, tearing, scratching, sunlight and rain so they are perfect for exterior doors and windows.