Why 'Give Me Five' Kid Katcher magnets?


Kids are curious, impatient and want to explore the world right now! That doesn't always jive with you taking 3 milliseconds to unload the groceries or secure the baby! 🙄


Kid Katchers© help establish a fun yet safe routine with your kids around vehicles. It slows kids down and focuses their attention on something other than racing around and potentially getting hit by a car (= they stay safe). It gives you time to get organized and grab what you need (= you are prepared). Lastly, it gives you both a chance to have a fun and friendly conversation before starting the next adventure (= everyone's happy, not yelling and miserable). Worth their weight in gold, amiright? 🙌


In addition to all that awesomeness, Kid Katchers come in different designs so swap them out regularly to keep the kids engaged and interested in the 'Give Me Five' game! They really are a perfect solution to eliminate the parking lot run-arounds (and snag you some time to get ready)! 


To see how these work, check out our video with two 4.5 year olds, or read our "Dream scenario" example on the main page.


Cheeky Pebble magnets are made from a durable, lightweight, thin and flexible magnetic material so they're super easy to apply and remove! Magnets are a great choice for those who don't want a permanent solution on their vehicles!