Why our 'Don't Park' magnets?


Cheeky Pebble's primary objective for vehicle safety products is to increase awareness and safety – and that most definitely includes mammas with growing bellies and babies in those crazy huge carseats!


Do you know how challenging it is to manoeuvre with an infant car seat and/or a pregnant belly – let alone between parked cars? Ugh! It is tough people and if you've not been brought to tears by it, count yourself lucky (but please remember it next time you're parking in a tight spot – every momma will thank you!) I truly didn't appreciate how awful those narrow spots can be before I had to climb through my car to get to the driver's seat (seriously).


For those trying to squeeze through (everywhere!), 'Don't Park' magnets are for you! Use these to notify others that you have a large load and would appreciate some extra space between your vehicles. I had them on my right rear bumper and my front passenger door to give drivers two opportunities to see my polite parking request.

Key design features of our vehicle safety items:
  • Bright, vibrant colours that stand out on vehicles
  • Made from a thin, flexible magnetic material
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Are 15 mils (381 microns) thick 
  • Have 84 pounds of pull per square foot = they're strong and can handle high-speeds and most weather conditions


    Mobility issues? Large work gear? Crazy kids who throw open car doors? 
    These magnets are great for anyone who needs a bit more space between their vehicle and others'.