Transforming Vehicle Safety into a Fun Adventure!


'Give Me Five' Kid Katchers: Transforming Vehicle Safety into a Fun Adventure!

Parenthood is an exhilarating journey filled with countless moments of joy, laughter and love. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to keeping our little ones safe. One heart-stopping situation every parent dreads is the ongoing struggle to keep energetic kids beside the car and away from potential dangers. Here enters Kid Katchers – a revolutionary product designed to transform this nerve-wracking scenario into an effective yet entertaining safety routine.

Picture this: You've just started loading groceries into the car but your toddler is itching to explore the world around them. The parking lot is teeming with moving vehicles and keeping your child close is challenging. This is where Kid Katchers come into play, offering a creative and effective solution to address this common struggle.

Engaging Designs for Endless Fun

Kid Katchers are unique – there isn’t anything else like them on the market and what sets them apart from other ‘stay beside the car’ techniques parents use is their vibrant and engaging designs. These large 8 x 8 inch round magnets boast bright and colourful Search and Find themes that instantly captivate children's attention. No more chasing after little ones! Now they are irresistibly drawn to these eye-catching designs, making the process of keeping them stationary near your vehicle an enjoyable experience.

Establishing a Fun and Entertaining Safety Routine

Getting children to cooperate is a fine balance between safety and fun, and Kid Katchers excel at combining the two. At every outing (to develop the safety routine), you begin the 'Give Me Five' Safety game, asking your child to find something new on the magnet. This creates an interactive and educational experience for you and your child, and the included Quick Start card has 10 questions and answers to get you started. You can help them if they get stuck or ask further questions if they are quick to find things! It's all about keeping them busy and entertained while you do what you need to.


The 'Give Me Five' Kid Katchers are not just magnets – they're a parenting game-changer.


How Kid Katchers Work

The primary goal of Kid Katchers is to keep children safely beside your vehicle where they are easily seen and heard. Here's how these innovative magnets contribute to a safer (and more enjoyable experience) in parking lots:

  • Quick Visibility: Kid Katchers make it easy for parents to keep a watchful eye on their little ones. Kids are focused on the magnet and standing in one spot, safely beside the vehicle. No more anxiously scanning the surroundings – your child is visible and secure.
  • Focus and Slow Down: The engaging Search and Find themes on Kid Katchers capture children's attention, slowing them down and redirecting their focus to a safe and enjoyable activity. This not only ensures their safety but also gives parents peace of mind.
  • Safety First: By keeping kids from running around in parking lots, Kid Katchers keep them out of harm's way. It's a simple yet effective tool to help minimize the dangers of busy and crowded areas with vehicle traffic.
  • Entertainment on the Go: No more impatient children disrupting you. Kid Katchers keep kids entertained, allowing you the time and space to attend to your tasks without constant interruptions and chasing after them.
  • Preparedness and Organization: With your child happily engaged with the Kid Katcher, you can efficiently complete tasks at your vehicle. Whether sorting out tickets, arranging belongings, or grabbing water bottles, Kid Katchers provide the time required to get organized and prepared.


Transforming vehicle safety into a fun and entertaining adventure, these magnets offer a simple yet effective solution to the age-old struggle of keeping kids close in parking lots and around vehicles. 


As parents, our top priority is the safety and well-being of our children, and Kid Katchers provide a delightful and innovative way to achieve just that. Say goodbye to the stress and anxiety of parking lots and busy environments! Embrace the joy and peace of mind that comes with Cheeky Pebble's Kid Katchers and keep your kids safe! Explore 'Give Me Five' Kid Katchers.

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